Appointed trustee still plans to attract tourist to demolished Sur

DİYARBAKIR – Bilal Özkan, appointed trustee of Sur Municipality and the District Governor, said, “Our biggest goal is to attract 4-5 million tourists every year,” for the thousand years old historic Sur district, where the destruction has continued for more than a year.

The destruction began after the curfew, which declared in the Sur district of Diyarbakır on December 2, 2015, continues. In the historic district, where both blockade and destruction continue, thousand years old historical artifacts have been destroyed. While UNESCO hasn’t responded to what is going on in Sur, which is on the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage until now, thousand years old churches, hammams (baths), mosques, inns and walls are destroyed. Even, Tahir Elçi, Head of Diyarbakır Bar, was killed while issuing a press statement in front of Four-legged Minaret in order to stop this destruction.

Bilal Özkan, who has been appointed as trustee to Sur Municipality, made a statement and said, “We have many goals in Sur, and our biggest goal is to attract 4-5 million tourists every year,” by forgetting that the curfew and destruction still continue in the four neighborhoods of Sur.